Leanna Leverich

PhD Candidate
401 Soil Science
  • BS, University of Wisconsin - Madison (Agronomy & Life Sciences Communication), 2015
  • MS, University of Minnesota (Applied Plant Sciences), 2018
  • PhD candidate, University of Minnesota, (LAAS and Geographic Information Sciences (minor))


Leanna Leverich is a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, MN in the Department of Soil, Water and Climate. At UMN, Leanna’s research focuses on soil fertility, geographic information science (GIS), and the fusion of the two for superior nutrient management. Growing up on farm, Leanna has recognized the challenges of implementing change on an operation. Using precision management, Leanna aims to help growers implement change on a small scale. Leanna has conducted research on dozens of farms across Minnesota to embrace the real-life challenges of farming. Leanna plans to continue research in the area of GIS and precision agriculture for the improvement of nutrient management and conservation practices on farms throughout the Midwest.

Areas of Interest

Nutrient Management, Precision Agriculture, GIS, Conservation Agriculture