Minor in Land and Atmospheric Science

Graduate students in other University of Minnesota graduate programs may minor in Land and Atmospheric Science (LAAS) with the approval of the Directors of Graduate Studies and under the direction of a LAAS graduate faculty member serving as the minor advisor. 

The minor in LAAS for doctoral students requires a minimum of 12 graduate level credits of regular course work (not special problems) in LAAS; the minor in LAAS for master's students requires a minimum of 9 graduate level credits in LAAS.

All courses used in the minor must be taken using the A-F grading system, unless approved by the Graduate Advisory Committee, or if they are offered on an S-N basis only.

All students seeking a minor in LAAS must take LAAS 5050: Integrated Topics in Land & Atmospheric Science (3 credits). The remaining credits for the LAAS minor must come from other graduate-level LAAS courses.

Courses used in the minor should be selected with the consultation of the LAAS minor advisor and approved by the Directors of Graduate Studies.