Manny Sabbagh spoke at press conference with Senator Tina Smith

July 01, 2022
A photo of graduate student Manny Sabbagh and Senator Tina Smith at the University of Minnesota

Senator Tina Smith visited with entomologists and climate science researchers at the University of Minnesota on Wednesday, discussing early efforts to ensure the future Farm Bill invests in "climate smart" agriculture and climate resilient communities, according to CFANS.

LAAS PhD candidate Manny Sabbagh spoke briefly at the press conference in support of the USDA and the Farm Bill. Sabbagh is supported by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, a program was established by Congress as part of the 2014 Farm Bill and re-authorized in 2018. "The Foundation is not only funding audacious research through public-private partnerships, but... they are helping train and fund future leaders in agriculture such as myself," said Sabbagh.